$24,493.70 with 47 kids, in just 28 days… WOW

Raise money for my school

With the first half of the year over we couldn’t be happier. At an average of $33,785 per event, our top five fundraising schools raised a massive $168,925 between them. St Patrick’s (Strathfield) still leads the way with $44,354 in a single fundraising event! Plus, several schools held their first fundraisers with us for amazing results; one raised a jaw-dropping $34,220!

Thanks to Online Fundraising, we held our first ever cashless Fun-Run. It raised $29,193 completely online… that’s right, no coins to count and no doors to knock-on!  With the Olympic Games, National H&PE Day and Book Week all coming up, there’s never a better time to join our team. It’ll be fun and you’ll make a great profit too!

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Australia's #1 School Fun-Run

Australia's #1 School Fun-Run

Raise huge profit for your school while improving the well-being of your students. The School Fun-Run is easy to implement and highly profitable. This fundraiser requires no budget as it's 100% self-funding. Profit is guaranteed, so there are no financial risks to your school, plus we supply all the material needed for a runaway success... too easy!

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New Arrival - School Read-A-Thon

New Arrival - School Read-A-Thon

Here's an easy way to raise heaps of funding for your school while supporting literacy curriculum. Welcome to a modern take an old favourite. Everyone knows what a Read-A-Thon is... but there's never been one to benefit schools like this! It's easy and flexible; choose any date to hold your event; Book Week would be perfect!

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Top 4 Benefits of The Fundraising Group

Huge Profit

$85 million in 29 years. If you're looking for proven success over time then welcome to The Fundraising Group.

Full Support

You get a Fundraising Coach to help from A-Z, plus we supply all the support material needed for fundraising success.

Community Connection

Our programs provide real value (health & literacy). We don't offer Junk-Food or over priced gimmicks to your community.

Zero Risk

Risk free fundraising. All our fundraising ideas are 100% self funding. We built them like that for your peace of mind.


With Online Fundraising

Here's a stat that will blow your mind, at an average of $30,300 our top 5 schools raised $151,856 between them last year. Overall schools raised 115% more money when they added Online Fundraising to the mix. In fact, 93 of our top 100 schools used it, which is no surprise when you learn students average $103 EACH online! Collecting money online is by far the simplest path to smash fundraising records. QUESTION: Why do our schools raise so much money online compared to other programs?

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Fundraising for schools

Don't take our word for it:

St Joseph's Fun-Run

St Joseph's Fun-Run

St Agnes Fun-Run

St Agnes Fun-Run

Blairmount Fun-Run

Blairmount Fun-Run

St Mary's Fun-Run

St Mary's Fun-Run
"The adidas School Fun Run is the best fundraising program that I have been involved in. The procedure is easy to follow and there is plenty of assistance if required" Matthew Harrison, Gracemere State School
Government Schools

$3.1 million was raised by our Government Schools last year. Led by Surfers Paradise State School with over $33,000.

Private Schools

In the last 12 months, Catholic and Private Schools raised close to $1 million. Led by St Patricks College with over $35,000.

Special Schools

37 Special Schools raised nearly $40,000 in 2015. We also handed out an extra $20,000 in school grants to these schools.

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Mini Olympics at your school

Every four years Australia becomes even more sports mad than usual! In 2016 we’ll be cheering on our favourite athletes

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"It’s a highlight every year in our school calendar – the students absolutely love it." Kate Russ, Rosella Park School


“Very easy as you don’t need to organise much as they do it all for you. People who work there are always very helpful & know what their talking. Overall I had a great experience and will continue to use them for our annual fun run event.” Brittany Peebles, Carrum Downs Secondary College
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Student prizes drive fundraising, it’s that simple. They get students excited about helping you… the equation is straight forward; better prizes equals better fundraising. That’s why we bring you best prizes in school fundraising… bar none!

Compare us to the rest: Samsung, apple, Steeden, GoPro, Summit, GHD, Silver Bullet, Fitbit, Colony BMX, Artline, Penline and the 2015 Toy of the Year…You’ll discover awesome prizes are just another way we put your needs first.

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